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Linkserve Solutions is a Philippines based company providing outsourcing services. Established in 2009, we specialize in Business Development, Outbound Telemarketing and Inbound Customer Support, and Business Process Outsourcing. Our current clientele mostly includes businesses in North America and we are also currently expanding our services to Australia and in the UK.

The company is owned and personally operated by directors and managers who have been in the industry for more than a decade. We pride ourselves in having experienced, professional and hard-working team members who are all fluent and well versed in English, as well as graduates of prestigious colleges and universities.

With our core values at the heart of our company, we make sure that we exhaust all means necessary for our clients to get their money's worth and more. We provide quality services that are fairly-priced and affordable. Contact us and let us know the services you require, and we’ll find the best way to provide cost effective options that will deliver optimum results.

Why Linkserve?

Enhanced Productivity and Quality Service

• You’ll be able to setup certain functions and services faster. Just give us a script or even a draft, we’ll modify and you approve! We can modify the script as we go along while integrating your caller's personality. After a few days to a maximum of 2 weeks, we can set up an ideal sales process for your business that works.

• We can guarantee higher quality service as we can provide 100% focus and monitoring to all tasks assigned to our Account Executives. This also gives us greater ability to control delivery dates.

Collaborative Client Engagement

• Our Chief Executive Officer has been in the industry for almost two decades. She is knowledgeable and directly involved in all aspects of the business from Human Resources, Information Technology to Operations. Her duty is to engage with you and make sure that you profit from your investment by ensuring that our Account Executives meet service level agreements.

• For small to medium campaigns, the CEO, Operations Director and your Account Executive will regularly be your point of contact, so instructions and feedback are immediately addressed.

Significant Savings

• We can provide lower costs due to economies of scale.

• Save up to 50% on your payroll. Our service fee shall include payroll, taxes, sickness & vacation pay, recruiting, hiring, training, and managing of operations.

• Lower ongoing investment required in internal infrastructure. We have already invested in our facility. You don't need to spend more.

Industry Experience

• Linkserve Solutions have been in the industry since 2004. With its more than a decade experience in handling different campaigns, we can provide you tried and tested custom-fit solutions to improve your business.

• Most of our leaders have been with us since the early years of the company. They are experienced, loyal professionals who take pride in exceeding expectations.



We can contact any business in your service area to present your services and set an appointment with your representative to meet with qualified prospects. Our telemarketers are experienced professionals who have engaged with doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, purchasing and human resource managers and professionals in all fields at any managerial level. We can hold conversations with the CEO and President of any company, in any industry to inform them of the services you offer and set an appointment for your representative to meet with them in person.


The telephone is a powerful communication tool. In this world of high tech computers, PDAs and pagers we forget how easy and simple it is to pick up the telephone and call someone. Here are a few ideas on how we might help you: We can call businesses to thank them for their business; ask for referrals; invite them to tour your offices; invite them to a seminar or trade show you are participating in; determine their interest after you meet with them and submit a proposal; let people know you will be moving, changing phone numbers or hiring a new executive to manage your business; inform customers and prospects about new products or services you offer; set appointments to present new products, services, or provide them with a free analysis of their needs; take orders; or just wish them happy holidays!


We have a pool of highly trained, qualified virtual assistants that can help you do a multitude of tasks ranging from research, data entry, social media management and event planning. For more details, you may contact our hotline or click this link


Bad news travels fast! Are your customers happy with your services, your employees and your company? Don't find out from someone else that someone is dissatisfied with your company. Few businesses take time to show their customers how much they care about them. Are you among the few? Let us help.

We will contact your customers and prospective customers on a regular basis to find out if they are happy and to let them know about additional services and products that you offer. We can customize a program to focus on key customers, new customers, lost customers or customers who have not purchased product or service from you recently. We can reach out to your customers to let them know you care.


There are thousands of prospective customers in your market. Do you know who they are? Do you have their address, phone number, fax number and email address? Do you know who the decision maker is at each company?

We can create a list of prospective customers based on SIC code, number of employees, geographic area, income and number of years in business. Our lead lists are very effective for telemarketing, direct mail and broadcast fax and email campaigns. It is important to send your message to a company’s decision-maker to be sure it is read--our custom list will include their names, so you can target your message appropriately.

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Linkserve Solutions BPO Inc.

Address: 2F #33 Ambida Bldg. P. Burgos St., Brgy.9, Batangas City, 4200 Philippines

Business Email: marketing@linkservesolutions.com

US Phone: +1-562-916-3161

Recruitment Email: hr@linkservesolutions.com

PH Phone: +63-998-556-5778

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